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If you’ve found yourself on this page, then you clearly have an addiction. 

You’re cooked and you’ve spent your whole life cutting your drugs.

It’s no way to live…


Post $COKE meme all over a cooked units socials, and share the social media links in the SafeCoke Community Channels. The memes that have the best impact and catch on will be reviewed and put to the community for a vote. Winner’s get a free bump of $COKE to further snowball their addiction.


    8% Transaction Tax

    – 2% $COKE Crack Pipe Address
    (Yeah, we ‘gon burn it)

    – 2% BNB taxed and added back
    into the Liquidity Pool

    – 2% $COKE reflection for holders

    – 1% $COKE Drug Rehabilitation Fund.
    All proceeds donated to charity!

    1% Developer and Marketing wallet
    to meme hunt cooked cunts
    to get back our tickers


    At SafeCoke, we pride ourselves on justifying questionable behaviors of high-profile characters with underlying drug addictions. Problem is they’re not hooked on SafeCoke but are ridonkulously high on their own egos. Thing is, we do give a fuck about survivors that have had their lives turned upside down by drug abuse. 1% of every transaction will accumulate into a drug abuse donations wallet that will be totally transparent on-chain and donated to organisations that assist survivors.


    Now Racking

    On the bsc


    $SAFECOKE is the gateway meme coin that your mum wish you tried in your late teens instead of smoking that sweet sweet pip in the broken end of a light globe. Get paid in BAGS of the stuff for making low effort – high quality memes implicating absolute drongos in the world of pinky sized table slugs and tiny little spoons full of heaven. Deflationary tokenomics sending cooked wigs to rehabilitation, putting blow up the marketing man’s nostrils and quivering lines on the back of mid day stripper lower backs. $SAFECOKE


    Join in on the absolute quality banter going on in our telegram chat, make sure you’re wearing thick skin because we are ruthless
    and a bunch of cunts, just kidding.  

    seriously, get rekt

    Will you get rugged?

    Yeah, probably…

    But you won’t know until you rack up.

    Go on,

    Just have a little taste of the junkiest purest meme coin out there


    We will never ask you to borrow your BTC, but we may ask you to share your $COKE

    Oi, deadset…. Buy $SAFECOKE

    Don’t be a gronk.

    Jump in the community telegram group


    This is an actual meme coin, in that we’ll hook you up on the down low for your munted memes.

    Any overcooked cunts you know, face swap em into a dope meme.

    We might give you $COKE on tikker, no interest, for realsies.